Thursday, December 20, 2012

Poem: "Peace on Earth" by Librae Jackson, Deacon

Peace on earth:
a greeting which first came unto some shepherds in Bethlehem,
tellin' them of Jesus' birth.

Peace on earth is something He would earn by His death.
God is righteous, and only satisfied with righteousness.
This is what Christ lived His life with.
And when He died, it was a sacrifice which provided
peace, in the highest sense of the word.

Christ entered the world
to reconcile men, who were defiled with sin, to The Lord.

Truly, before we could know any peace on earth,
God's holy justice must've been appeased first.
The Lord Jesus' work at the Cross restored peace between us & God.

By us, I mean the believers of the Gospel
and others in this world, who are His, but who are lost, though.
Eventually, these particular sheep will also be brought into the fold.
The glory of God they'll behold,
who will have wrought peace in their souls.
Gospel preaching is the info by which men know
that God is at peace with them.

“Peace on earth, good will to men”
means that God's will for them
is to turn to Jesus. He is God's terms of peace &
the means by which He deals with sin.

For Christ's sake, He forgives them; 
inwardly cleanses; gives repentance, and makes them live with a significant difference,
which is only reasonable, since He speaks whole peace to their souls.
This is the true peace on earth, and indeed it’s beautiful.

When His peace is revealed, we will believe and be healed and be whole.
Otherwise, due to our evil, and because of our hearts being so dark and deceitful,
"Peace on earth "is a credo, which we know nothing much of,
until we behold God's abundant love,
in sending us His Son from above.

This is the sum & the substance of
the glad tidings of which the Scriptures teach.
From Genesis to Revelation,
Jesus, the Word of God, speaks
and His word to the people of God is: "Peace."

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